Tibarumals Jewellers, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad a premium luxury brand serving its customers since 1949 with a great heritage. We used elements of ethnic Indian Jewellery in design and revived the traditional methods of jewellery making in order to create distinct design language.

Practicing large traditions with a great look of latest trends Tibarumals Jewellers is a Traditional and trusted name of jewellery. In search of unique and fine pieces of jewellery; we delved those Pieces in to ancient craftsmanship and create exclusive jewellery with the help of master craftsmen and goldsmiths within and around of Hyderabad. If you are looking for fusion with past, present & future, you can find in us, the ability & capability to execute your idea.

We manufacture and market a wide range of the following products: Gold Jewellery, Divine Idols, Gem Set Jewellery, Vaddanam Bracelets, Brooch Dhankada/Armrest, Ear Rings, Necklace Sets, Kundan Jewellery, Pendants And Rings Antique Jewellery.

Tibarumals Jewellers - Creativity to Treasure

The true test of jewellery is its ability to continually enchant and captivate generations of connoisseurs. It is on this score that Tibarumals Jewellers occupies a rarefied status with its exquisite hand-crafted creations becoming cherished family heirlooms.

For over six decades, Tibarumals Jewellers was the name that enamoured the blue-blooded nobility and elite of the historic city of Hyderabad with the brilliance of elegant jewellery. Today, under the inspirational leadership of Mr. Sanjay Gupta, the Tibarumals Jewellers brand has transcended geographical frontiers and holds the world enthralled with its hallmark of intricate design, marvellous workmanship, and exclusive styling.

With the love for jewellery running deep in his veins, Sanjay, not surprisingly, showed glimpses of his passion and genius from an early age. Possessing an innate talent for jewellery designing and an inborn sense of style, Sanjay honed these further through keen observation and direct interaction with master craftsmen.

Over time, he evolved his own signature style that reflected his keen sense of aesthetics and penchant for innovation. This gave rise to a new grammar in jewellery making; one that stunningly blended the richness of tradition with the vibrancy of modernity for a collection that is as distinctive as it is distinguished. Each piece lovingly crafted to perfection to enhance the beauty of the wearer, and complement her impeccable taste. The finely balanced fusion holds irresistible appeal to the contemporary woman who respects her heritage even as she appreciates the freshness of the future.

Sanjay is also blessed with a sharp eye for spotting talent. His dream team comprises mastercraftsmen drawn from all over the county and it is they who meticulously fashion his genius into works of art that one can proudly flaunt.

Acclaim and accolades for Sanjay's mastery and skill has come not only from jewellery aficionados but also the industry which saluted innovation and creativity. Some of these honours include Winning the "Heritage Jewellery of the Year – 2015" at the Retail Jeweller India Awards 2015 and "Best Diamond Jewellery of the Year – Contemporary 2012" at the National Jewellery Awards by the All India Gems & Jewellery Trade Federation; showcasing signature jewellery at Asia's premier jewellery trade show, India International Jewellery Show 2014, one of the world's largest and leading jewellery markets; and being a part of Project Blossoming, a creative jewellery initiative to raise awareness and funds for the cause of girl education.

Sanjay's ambition is to take the Tibarumals Jewellers brand even higher; one that occupies an exalted status in the jewellery world and is acknowledged as the ultimate benchmark of quality, purity and style. More importantly, he is focused on building a brand that crafts not only designs but also an opulent legacy for years to come.

Tibarumals Jewellers' fabulous creations encompass Gold Jewellery, Divine Idols, Gem-set Jewellery, Vaddanam, Bracelets & Brooches, Dhankada/Armband, Earrings & Necklaces, Kundan items, Pendants & Rings, Antique Jewellery... as well as a selection of mindblowing bespoke designs. Truly, a range that bedazzles the senses and wafts you away into the realm of ethereal beauty.